Everyone knows fat, sugar and salt are bad for you, but no one paid any attention to starch

Starch is pervasive in the majority of processed foods we eat: fries, pizza, cookies, cakes, crackers, even gluten-free foods. Eating them enables people to add pounds almost effortlessly. Starch, essentially, floods the body with large quantities of glucose (sugar) that are rapidly digested by the body. Moreover, starch is a delivery device of harm — it carries fat, sugar and salt. Ultra-processed foods are designed to be irresistible and encourage overeating. Processing enhances palatability by adding sugar, fat and salt. Once we start eating them, it’s almost impossible to stop.

Nearly half of all American adults are obese, and almost one-tenth are severely obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. When people struggle with their weight, they often blame themselves. People need to realize that starch amplifies the effects on our bodies. It’s destroying our bodies.

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