Superfood bars designed to relieve stress

Israeli Foodtech startup myAir has developed plant-based nutrition bars as a solution for better management of stress. Founded in 2019 by Rachel Yarcony-Goldstein and Dovev Goldstein, myAir has developed an algorithm based on physiological and psychological data. The customer fills up an online questionnaire that helps the algorithm profile their cognitive response to stress, while physiological responses to stress, including alterations in heart rate, respiration, sleep quality, and physical activity, are tracked through smart watches.

“Our algorithm can analyze the data from each person’s specific mood and stress profile, then decide what formulation will provide them the best positive impact on their stress routine. But our expertise is in the ability to cross the cognitive data with individual physiological aspects. It’s a game-changer in personalized nutrition.”

Rachel Yarcony, Founder, myAir

The company’s algorithm processes this data, then customizes a combination of myAir snack bars to your needs from a wide range of formulas. Each bar has a blend of nuts and fruits and infused with bioactive botanical extracts. These include extracts from oats, valerian, sage, hops, rosemary, and others.

Natural botanical extracts and super herbs which help our body adapt to and cope with stress, act as a sidekick helper to our adrenal system—the system that controls our body’s hormonal response to stress.

These bioactive extracts have specific purposes such as reducing anxiety, improving sleep, and sharpening focus. The bars are certified vegan, kosher, and gluten-free. The personalized combinations are available through a subscription service and delivered monthly to the consumer’s doorstep.

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