Oat Milk

It’s not the food supply chain that’s breaking, it’s the meat supply chain

Supply lines across the food industry have been impacted by the coronavirus. Shuttered restaurants, university dining halls, workplace food providers, and more have all strained the food supply chain. In particular, the meat industry has suffered the hardest hit. In addition to closures of many of its largest purchasers, COVID-19 outbreaks inside meatpacking facilities have […]


Cellular Agriculture – cell-based technology to produce milk.

Cell-based processes of creating clean milk completely bypass the environmental degradation and animal welfare issues of industrial dairy. The approach has the ability to match nutritional content, taste, and quality of milk obtained traditionally. Acellular technology works by culturing mammary cells in vitro and inducing their natural ability to produce all components of milk. The […]


What is oat milk?

Oat milk is milk made from oats — not a hard name to decipher. But there is something special about oat milk compared to other alternative milks: It’s actually thick and creamy like full-fat cow’s milk, but without the same amount of fat, calories and lactose in dairy milk. Other plant-based milks, such as almond and […]